Rhinology (Diseases of the Nose)
The most common conditions that the clinic sees are:
1. Allergic Rhinitis
2. Sinusitis
3. Bleeding noses
4. Blocked noses

Fewer patients with rhinological problems now require surgery. The newer antibiotics and anti-allergy treatments are more effective than previously. Advances in surgical techniques have also made nasal surgery a lot less fearsome.

Otology (Diseases of the Ear)
The most common ear conditions which the clinic sees are:
1. Ear pain / ear discharge / ear infections
2. Impacted ear wax
3. Tinnitus (ringing in the ear)
4. Hearing loss
Many ear operations in the past used to be done for middle ear infections and its complications. With higher standards of living, the number of people who need such operations has fallen. The incidence of such conditions is higher in expatriate workers from the Third World countries than in Singaporeans (except for children requiring ventilation tubes for glue ear or middle-ear infection).

The most common throat related emergencies are:
1. Accidental swallowing of a fish bone
2. Sore throat and Fever

The non-emergency problems that we commonly see are:
1. Hoarseness
2. Sensation of a lump in the throat

Head & Neck Surgery
There are a variety of cancers in the Head & Neck region e.g. throat, salivary glands, thyroid, nasopharynx, lymph nodes, etc. The two most common cancers that the clinic sees are Nasopharyngeal Cancer and Thyroid cancer.

The patient usually comes to the clinic because:
1. They notice a lump somewhere in the neck
2. They notice blood staining of the nasal secretions or phelgm