Everything you need to know about Brow Lift: Expert Insights

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Browlift, also known as a forehead lift, is a cosmetic surgery that aims to raise the eyebrows and tighten the skin of the forehead to reduce the signs of aging. Although it is a very useful procedure to reduce the signs of aging it is an unpopular procedure because of what it involves.

What is Brow lift?

With age, the eyebrow descends and the skin of the upper lid droops. The skin of the upper lid is already loose, and this makes the effect of the descending eyebrow worse. The loose upper eyelid skin will eventually droop low enough to touch the eyelashes and finally, there is enough loose skin to obstruct vision.

Loose upper eyelid skin is most prominent at the outer corners. This is called “lateral hooding”.

Just excising upper eyelid skin will shorten the distance between the eyebrow and the eyelash margin. Look at your friends who have had upper eyelid surgery where a lot of skin has been removed. Notice that the eyebrow is very near the eyes. This creates an unnatural and hooded appearance.

A brow lift is usually done with eyelid surgery so that the brow does not descend after upper eyelid skin is excised.

How long does a Brow lift last?

Generally, for a browlift procedure, the deeper the browlift is, the longer the results will last. If a brow lift is done in the layer that is just external to the bone, all the soft tissue is lifted, and this will last the longest.

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Different types of Browlift

Lifting at this depth is usually done by the:

  • Endoscopic Approach
  • The Pre-Trichial Approach, where the cut is made across the forehead just in front of the hairline.
  • Bicoronal Approach, where the cut is across the top of the head inside the hairline

These are not simple procedures that need a proper operating theatre and an anesthetist present.

“Smaller” operations would be:

  • Direct Brow Lift, where the incision is along the upper eyebrow
  • Smaller procedures to fix the eyebrow during upper eyelid surgery

There is a mid-forehead browlift where the incision is across the middle of the forehead. This works wonderfully for White Anglo-Saxon people, but it leaves a prominent scar for Asians.

The depth of the lift in these smaller operations is merely incising under the skin. They are easier to carry out, and can be done under local anesthesia, with a much lower cost BUT they do not last as long as deep lifts.

Being Realistic

However, it is important to note that the results of a browlift are not permanent. Over time, the skin and tissues of the forehead will continue to age, and the effects of the procedure will gradually fade as well. Other factors such as sun exposure and other causes of aging will also impact the longevity of the results.

Is Brow Lift painful?

There isn’t much pain involved but gravity does contribute as a problem. To put it simply, the bleeding and swelling from the forehead will fall downwards due to gravity and cause some puffiness around the eyes. In some cases, there may also be bruising around the eyes, as if the patient had just lost a fight. However, as long as you adhere to the proper post-surgery aftercare advised by the surgeon, you’re more than good to go.

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Brow lift

While the effects of the procedure may not be permanent, it is still a well-known cosmetic surgery for a reason!

Given the above information, while it is understandable that there is some concern about brow lifts, there is still an unfounded fear of getting one. While there are certain ways to “cheat” to avoid a proper browlift, we advise against them, especially towards false claims where “everything is possible”, as ultimately, the proper surgical procedure is the most effective method in achieving natural, ethical and long-term results.

If you are considering a browlift in Singapore, it is essential to choose a trustworthy and credible facial plastic surgeon who is experienced in performing the procedure. At SIM ENT & Facial Surgery, we dedicate ourselves to providing honest advice and achieve natural results for all our patients. Schedule a consultation today and let us help you in this journey of youth and rejuvenation!

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