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Conditions commonly seen in our specialist ENT practice are:

Some conditions we commonly see

Rhinology / Nose

Allergic Rhinitis is a medical condition.  Surgery does not cure the allergic tendency.  It is useful in the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis as an adjunct.  


Externally visible deformities of the nose usually means that there is also an internal deformity.   It is not possible to just fix the internal deformities without “correcting the external part” because they are one structure.  Attempting to do a Septoplasty when a Rhinoplasty is necessary usually fails to solve the problem.  See our Facial Plastic Surgery page for more information.  

ENT Ear Nose Throat sinusitis

common problems


There are some conditions, like, tinnitus, globus sensation and giddiness, which are commonly misunderstood.  These are more likely to cause dissatisfaction because patients come with unrealistic expectations.  They expect that a cause for their problem can easily be found and there is a quick and easy cure.  Information on these conditions are included below:

Otology / Ear

Have a look at the links provided for information on tinnitus.  There may be a long list of diseases causing tinnitus but other than hearing loss, the rest of the listed possible causes are rare.  Most patients are usually referred by a doctor or a friend.  They come expecting to get a clear cut diagnosis.  This is the reason why, some get upset when all the tests produce normal results.  

Some patients think that there is a miracle drug to cure tinnitus.  There is none.  The only drugs that seem to be useful are anti-depressants and sedatives.  Masking Therapy is essentially using an external noise to “block” the tinnitus.  Our philosophy, where tinnitus is concerned, is to exclude the possible dangerous causes in the cheapest way possible first.  

ENT Ear Nose Throat MRI showing tumour causing deafness

common problems


Laryngology / Throat

Ever so often, someone comes for a check-up because they feel the presence of a lump in the throat.   Very often, there is again no visible lump in the throat.  There is something called “Globus Sensation”.  This term is probably derived from the old name of the condition: “Globus Hystericus”.  Most English speakers will be familiar with the word “hysterical”.  It is certainly worthwhile getting an examination to exclude anything serious but not worth feeling too disappointed when there is no cause found.  

ENT Ear Nose Throat Hoarseness vocal cord polyp

common problems


Head & Neck Surgery

The most feared disease of the nose is nasopharyngeal cancer.  It can easily be screened for with an ENT examination.  Look at pages 23 – 25 of the National Cancer Registry’s data. 


The next most common group of people who visit us are those with thyroid nodules.


Of course, we see our fair share of smokers who come to check for throat cancer


Tumour of the right submandibular gland

common problems


Facial Plastic Surgery

We have a page specially dedicated to Facial Plastic Surgery.  Click on the photo to get to the Facial Plastic Surgery page and each procedure for more information



We also offer both surgical and non-surgical treatments

common procedures

Non - Surgical

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There is a free shuttle from Bishan MRT.  Visit this page for more details on how to find us

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