Rhinoplasty - photo showing woman with beautiful nose

Why get a Nose Job / Rhinoplasty?

There are different reasons for seeking a Rhinoplasty or Nose Job. Some people find that their nose bridge is too flat. The second common reason is because they do not like their broad and round nasal tip and want it sharper.  These are all cosmetic reasons to get an “Asian Rhinoplasty”.  


Then, there are seek nose job because they cannot breathe well and there are some deformities they want to correct .  The rhinoplasty improves the air-flow through the nose.  The surgery is also an adjunct for conditions like snoring, injury, sinusitis

Rhinoplasty, Septorhinoplasty, Septoplasty......what all this about?

There is no fixed definition of what a rhinoplasty exactly is, but the term is. Many people use this term when the rhinoplasty is done for purely cosmetic reasons.  

Septoplasty is surgery to fix a crooked nasal septum. This is done to relieve a blocked nose.  The septal deviation may be developmental or post traumatic.  External / visible deformities of the nose can also result in functional problems (i.e. blocked nose). Here, both the septal and external deformities need to be corrected together with a so-called Septorhinoplasty.   Only surgery to correct functional problems are eligible for reimbursement by health insurance or Medisave

If a septoplasty is done when the patient actually needs a septo-rhinoplasty to clear the blocked nose, the operation will probably fail. When doing noses, the best results are obtained when all the deformities are fixed during the first surgery.  Revision, or re-do, cases are usually more difficult. 

Rhinoplasty Photo 02

An attractive nose

How often have you noticed someone’s nose the moment you look at them?  An attractive nose is NOT one that stands out.  When the nose is harmonious with the face, the lines and shadows around the nose directs the attention to the eyes. A nose job is not simply raising the nose bridge and making the tip narrow.  The nose needs to be harmonious with itself and with the rest of the face. Most importantly, the function of the nose but not be impaired after surgery.

The Nose does not live alone

In the side view, the shape and size of the nose is not all that matters. It has to match the prominence of the forehead and chin.  In the oblique (45 degree view), it’s relation to the cheeks is important too.  Since the job of the nose is to direct attention to the eyes, it helps to have attractive eyes.  Here are some links to cosmetic surgery for the eyes:

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What you do not want after Rhinoplasty

rhinoplasty photo showing silicone implants removed

Plastic Nose Bridge

A nose bridge that looks like a perfectly straight piece of plastic 

rhinoplasty photo of ugly nasal tip

Pinocchio Tip

Or a super prominent tip from bits and pieces of ear cartilage stuffed into the tip. Making the tip too narrow may result in collapse of the nasal valve and blocked nose