Throat Diseases

Here are some of the common throat problems we see:
tonsillitis - throat diseases

Sorethroat & Fever

Tonsillitis or Viral Infection. Tonsillectomy may prevent further episodes

ENT Ear Nose Throat Hoarseness vocal cord polyp


Loss of voice from overuse, paralysed vocal cord(s) or  cancer of the larynx

X-ray of a swallowed fish bone

Swallowed foreign body

Accidentally swallowing something from inattention or conversation

Lump in Throat

We frequently get patients who come for a checkup because they feel a lump in their throat.  A scope will be done and the patient is able to see “live” whether there is a lump in the throat.  There is often no visible lump.  

There is something called “Globus Sensation”.  This term is probably derived from the old name of the condition: “Globus Hystericus”.  Most English speakers will be familiar with the word “hysterical”.  It is certainly worthwhile getting an examination to exclude anything serious but not worth feeling too disappointed when there is no cause found. This is an article that is helpful:  “Feeling Something in your throat”.