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How long does a Nose Job last?

Considering a nose job? Known as Rhinoplasty in the medical field, it is a popular cosmetic surgery to improve one’s appearance or breathing. Being such an important body part, it is crucial that you do your due diligence in research before proceeding with the procedure. Before we touch on how long the result of a nose job last, let’s start by learning more about what the procedure encompasses of!

The Human Nose

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The human nose has both bony and cartilaginous parts. The upper third of our nose is bony, while the middle and tip are cartilaginous. The structure of the cartilage is different for each part. Depending on the intended result, all or only one part may need to be surgically corrected. Getting a nose job in Singapore is no longer simply shoving a silastic implant into a skin pocket.


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After the procedure, you may expect to see some swelling and bruising with minor pain and discomfort for the initial few days. This can be easily relieved with some analgesics. Even when surgery is done on the nasal
bones, most patients stop their painkillers by the second day.

The main discomfort is from the nasal packing, tapes and splints applied to the nose. Tapes are applied to reduce the swelling, while Splints are used to immobilize the bones while it is healing. They are not required when there is no surgery done to the bones. It will take about one week before the stitches are removed, and you can then resume to your normal activities after around 10 – 14 days following your surgery.

So how long does a nose job actually last?

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The result of a rhinoplasty needs to be assessed after 6 months. Most of the swelling is gone by 2 weeks. BUT, when there is surgery done to the nasal bones, the bruising may last longer. At this point in time, some patients may comment that their nasal tip does not appear sharp enough. But keep in mind that, the final appearance of the nasal tip, especially, should be assessed at 6 months because it takes this long for the swelling and early post-operative changes to settle down.

Material Used for a Nose Job

After this period of time, it depends on the material used during rhinoplasty and how the body forms the scar. Rib cartilage implants may shrink from resorption. In some cases, they are also known to warp after a few years. Synthetic materials do neither of the above, but they can show signs of rejection. For example, hard silicone implants are known to show through the skin, giving that unnatural look. Additionally, scar formation is also unpredictable. Even though the nose can look perfectly symmetric immediately after surgery, over the years, scar tissue may cause deviation in the tip of the nose to one side.

As Rhinoplasty can be a life-changing procedure for many people, it is important to go forward with realistic expectations and a thorough understanding of the process. Ideally, you would want to get it right the first time. Revision Rhinoplasties have higher rates of complications. Take your time to think it through and look for a trustworthy and reputable surgeon that is certified by the Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee.

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