How Safe is Plastic Surgery in Singapore? – The Ultimate Guide

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So, the ultimate question asked by many who are looking to get facial surgery here in Singapore, “Is it safe?”. Well, as with any surgical procedure, there are bound to be risks involved. However, Singapore has a really good reputation for its healthcare system due to its stringent set of regulations put in place to ensure the safety of all patients, especially for Plastic Surgery Singapore.

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To begin with, certain cosmetic surgery procedures in Singapore are regulated by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). These organizations set strict standards for medical practices and ensure that all medical professionals are registered and licensed to perform these surgeries.

The Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee regulates and identifies who may perform cosmetic surgery. This includes Plastic Surgeons, Eye Surgeons trained in Oculoplastic Surgery and ENT surgeons trained in Facial Plastic Surgery Singapore, based on these regulations.

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While facial surgery in Singapore is generally safe when performed by a qualified surgeon, patients should still do their due diligence in researching and making informed decisions when choosing a surgeon to undergo the procedure with. After all, it’s a huge stake one wouldn’t want any mistakes with.

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