Everything you need to know about a Botox Brow Lift

Can your eyebrows be lifted without surgery?

The shape and position of the eyebrow has a significant effect on the appearance of the face. The eyebrow is supposed to be at the level of the brow ridge, the prominence of bone at the junction of the forehead and eye socket. For women, the brow can be a slightly above because it gives the face a livelier and more feminine look.

Botox browlift results

With age, the eyebrow descends as shown in the photo on the left. The outer corners naturally descend more than the inner corners. This causes the skin at the outer corner of the upper eyelids to descend. This is called “lateral hooding”.

Is there a non surgical way to lift brows?

It is, therefore, desirable to restore the eyebrow to its, original, higher position. This can be done with surgery but most Asian people are resistant to this. Most would opt for non-surgical methods such as:

Heat-Based Methods

rf treatment

These heat-based, non-surgical methods of tightening tissue, such as radiofrequency or ultrasound, were marketed as being able to lift the brows. Deep heating is applied to the forehead and this is supposed to cause heat damage to the deeper layers of the forehead. The subsequent scarring tightens the tissue and thus, lifts the eyebrows.

However, the excitement of these methods seemed to have died down due to the high cost of the machines and treatments, along with less significant results produced through the procedure.

Thread Lifts

Thread lift singapore

The use of threads to lift the face has been around for quite some time. There was a lot of publicity and excitement when they were first introduced. However, after all this time, the common conclusion is that threads do not produce much lifting and the results do not last, not even for a year.

Depending on what threads are used, there can also be complications such as dimpling or infection, even when absorbable, non-permanent threads are used.

Botox Singapore

Another common way to get around surgery is the use of Botulinum A toxin (aka Botox).

This substance is used to paralyse the muscles that pull the eyebrow down, so that they do not resist the opposite muscles that pull the eyebrows up.

Facial anatomy eyebrow muscles

The muscles that pull the eyebrows down as well as create a frown are:

  1. Corrugator
  2. Procures
  3. Depressor Supercilli

The muscle that pulls the outer corners of the eyebrows down is the orbicularis oculi. This is the muscle that creates the Crow’s Feet during a smile.

When Botulinum Toxin is injected into these muscles, they are not able to pull the eyebrows down and the frontalis muscle pulls the eyebrows up.

The effect of botox tends to be better at the outer corners and the eyebrows will arch upwards.

How long does a Botox Browlift last?

Being a non-surgical procedure, many people would opt for a botox brow lift instead of an eyebrow surgery. The effect of this procedure usually lasts 3 months and after the initial procedure, the results usually show in 5 – 14 days.

However, repeated injections are required to maintain the effect. Usually, a patient would be recommended to come back every 3 months to maintain the most optimal results from the Botox.

Brow lift

When it comes to achieving a lifted brow, there are various non-surgical options available, including the use of Botox injections. While these treatments can provide temporary results, the most optimal, effective, and long-lasting solution for a brow lift is still a traditional eyebrow surgery.

Also known as a brow lift surgery, this procedure involves removing excess skin and tightening the underlying muscles to elevate the eyebrows and the skin of the forehead.

Unlike non-surgical treatments, a traditional brow lift offers more significant and enduring results, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a more significant and permanent improvement in their brow aesthetics.

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